• Simplify the IT complexity of managing cloud operations
  • Optimize for best service level at lowest cost
  • Eliminate the need for developer resources to implement cloud controls
  • Replace complex programming scripts with web delivered 'control apps'
  • Manage operations using budget/cost criteria
  • Extend provider service levels with your own operational insurance policy
  • Help validate service usage
  • Get admin tasks done faster, automatically and more consistently
  • Reduce risks associated with cloud outages
  • Complement provider SLAs to give you more control

Beta process

  • Closing in on GA release
  • We have a limited number of beta slots open
  • Please register and we'll be back to you as soon as we can
  • Don't be alarmed if it is a few days or weeks - its very popular so far

How can I try it?

  • Register for a free trial from this page
  • Provide user and account details to receive beta request acknowledgement
  • Access to beta will depend on demand - there may be a short period to wait for beta activation email
  • Activate and logon to your beta account
    from the email you will receive

You can use control apps with AmazonEC2, these other platforms will be launched shortly - if you have another you would like to see then let us know at info@controlmycloud.com

Register and start benefiting from controlmycloud.com straight away, no obligations or fees